Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Digs

Everyone has been asking about the new place and things we have added. We have had a busy time and still need to get photos on the walls and still need furniture for the living room but we are getting there.

Last weekend we did a few things to make it feel warmer. First we decided on rugs for both the family room and living room. It is very hard to get good pictures of them but they really do fit the room. I think that we all agreed on these so if you don't fell free to say so. (We just won't have you come over). We are still trying to get things out of boxes and put in places that we know where they are.

Here is one that lets you see the TV also.
Here is the living room rug.

We have moved the computer to the desk in the family room.


Karina & John Calderwood said...

Good job. I think black furniture in the front room would look nice...keep an eye out for some leather pieces.

Porter Family said...

LOVE IT! Nice job you guys. I like the rugs...does that mean I'm still able to come over? :)

Rob &Linder said...

Yes you can come anytime. You know your like the daughter I never had :)

Karina & John Calderwood said...

WHAT??????!!!!! >(...well, I guess it is true, there isn't anyone like Heather!