Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tag responce

What are 5 things I have to do today?

1. Drive on the Wonderful LA freeways
2. Plan more for Youth Conference
3. Find out what has happened in the world today
4. Work on Blog.
5. Thank my wife for being wonderful

Where was I 10 years ago?

About the same as today only, one daughter away at school and 3 still at home.

What are 5 snacks I like?
Girl Scout Thin Mints Frozen.
Any fresh baked cookies with chocolate.
Hot buttered popcorn
Black Licorice

What would I do if I was suddenly a billionaire?

Most likely die before I could spend it or realize the dollar has fallen to an all time low where a loaf of bread cost $323,000,000.00 a loaf.

What are 4 bad habits I have?
1. Talking to much
2. Thinking way faster than I speak
3. Not saying Thank-you enough
4. Love seeing other fall down.

What are 5 jobs that I've had?
Worked as a chimney sweep for the summer in high school is MA
Sold Ford’s at Given Ford on University Ave in Provo
Bottled Pepsi in Provo
Worked For Aztec Industries of Chattanooga,TN
Threw newspapers (Wall Street Journal) to get extra income.

DO I know anyone famous?
Define “know”. I have met many famous people.

Have you started any trends in that last year?
I didn’t start it but it looks like bloging might be a trend.

If I were a pizza topping what would I and be and why?
Red Pepper everyone needs a bit of spice.

What is your favorite clothing trend?
Wearing them…Adam and Eve got it right with covering up.

What is your favorite commercial?
My favorite all time is Alka Seltzer “that some spicey meataball.

Which Seasame Street character is your favorite?
Big Bird, Isn’t it obvious?

Which Christmas Vacation character do you see yourself as?
I don’t remember the name but this clip might help Sorry about the commercial first but wait for the video.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


This past week I spent close to an hour typing out a blog..(ok I know what your thinking, with the speed he types that was probably one paragraph)..and i thought this would automatically save it for me. But no that would be to easy. Instead it is gone. Since I usually don't have the same flow of words in my head I am forced to start over.

Last week we had the lesson in Sunday School about Lehi last words to his children. This struck me as it has been five years since my dad passed away. It was important for him to tell each of his children what he wanted for them. He assured me that he had a testimony and wasn't concern for himself as much as he was about his children.

It got me to thinking how blessed I am. I never had a great relationship with my grandparents.

They lived far away and times were different as you all well know. I saw them rarely and letters just didn't have the same effect. I wanted my children to know their Papa as best they could.

Linda's Dad was dead when she was 4 months old and I wanted my children to know my Dad as best they could.

We sent Tamar off to the Grand-pa house when she was about two. My parents hadn't seen her for more than a year. she went again when she was about twelve. My parents have tried there best to be in my children's lives.

I am so thankfull to have the Internet so I can see pictures of my grandchildren weekly. I love video conferences with them.

I don't know what memories each of my grandchildren will have of me when I get old.(I don't ever want to grow up) I hope that I will be more than a photo to them as I don't fell I really knew my grandfather.

I am posting a picture of them. Since its the best I have.

Sorry if this was a ramble but it the blog fault as it didn't save my other way better posting.