Sunday, January 25, 2009

Today it should be all about Karina

Today is Karina's birthday. So it should be her day. We miss her lots and do feel very blessed to have her as one of our beautiful daughters.

To those of you who don't know Karina long, she is a very special person.

Karina has always seemed to make friends easy because she is has been a friend to many. As all children she came with her own unique personality and gifts. As her Dad some of them were more challenging than others.

Karina has always been self aware and has had goals that she has reached for and achieved. She has made me a better person a better dad and now that she is a mother a very very PLEASED father.

Karina please know that we have loved you from the fist time we held you and it is that love that with all the changes and moods and challenges that have kept us close even when the miles got long.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KARINA we love you lots.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

music with blogs

Does anybody even listen to the songs? I am thinking that even though there are a lot of songs nobody really listens to them. Please let me know if I should leave them.
OK. I said today would be busy and it was. I got up after sleeping in to 8. After a great breakfast I hit the day to do list. Christmas is finally over and I was able to take down the outside icicle lights. This is no small feet as they needed to get down before we were the last to have them up.

I was able to make the several trips up and down the ladder with out any disastrous results. This may have seemed like no great feat but the you don't know me and ladders. It not that I fall off them a lot, it is just that I usually end up doing something not intended. This time I didn't ruin the shingles or mess up any landscape. OK ,there was on nasty branch that had to go as no matter how I positioned the ladder it stuck me in the back. Task one complete.

Then it was down to the church for some membership cleaning of the building. It wasn't bad but somebody designed this building as if they designed mice mazes.

After that task it was off to the car wash. I know many people are fighting cold and snow this time of year but this last week we had temperatures in the 80's & 90's. This just bakes the dirty films on to the car. Oh for a little less heat.

We also went to check out a store Karina told us about. yes it was 50+ miles away but it would be worth that trip. Sure 50 miles on the 5 freeway is a trip in paradise. We did find some items that did make the trip worth while. We took the more scenic road back.

We also found a good frozen Yogurt place and it was very good. Then we check out another furniture store with what was supposed to be good deals as they we going out of business. Well their stuff was terrible so we bought nothing. We also had to go to a wedding reception but that didn't happen.

WE did get a few things done. So to has been a success.

Here is the picture we got for the front room.
Karina we think this looks great...Thanks.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

ramblings so I don't hit something

I haven't been blogging much. I have been in my destructive mood. Work has been very busy and it tend to get to a boiling point. I know I should count my blessings.( This week we have had the best weather in the country). I just have come home and have wanted to shut down.
When I have things I would like to blog about I am not near a computer.
We have have started reading the Doctrine & Covenants as a family. We are reading a section each night. I am amazed at how much we have been blessed with as a family.
I am happy that it is almost the weekend, although the weekend will be very busy with a wedding reception, cleaning the building, baptism to attend and then there is yard work. I hope I will be able to put something worth while on here.
My mom is extending her stay in Utah to March. I wish she was able to spend more time here before heading back.
Kaylee I miss you!!