Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still Looking

House hunting is everything I thought it would be. Real Estate people have there own set of rules that they have brought with them from their home world. Yes I believe that there are aliens among us. Everything they do seems to be tilted. The real cost of things is based on as they say," location ,location ,location." that means the real cost of the property is mainly the ground it sits on. The same house built by the same vendor by the same construction company can vary wildly if it was built in the OC and not the IE. This part I get.
What seems other worldly to me is when they take the same area and use different houses (one is still decked out in its 70's glory, the other has "upgrades") They want you to decide on the price by basing on prices of other homes, or the "potential" of the house. I understand you can do $35,000 in make overs. Why does this make the house worth $100000 more? The cost of the land doesn't change. They tell you 3 other houses in the area sold for (insert $ here) and you should pay what they paid or you're bringing everyone elses value down.
Imagine buying a car for sticker value because somebody else did before you. Oh and we won't tell you if the one they paid for had to have new seats,no radio and 3 cylinders aren't working. They are crazy.
I am not even going to start on the financing part of this, where you qualify for certain amount and have stellar credit but somebody else made bad credit decisions so we are going to make you pay for that as well. Or you must pay more to insure that you can really pay for what you borrowed. If you don't think I can pay don't lend. AUGHHHHHHHH!!!!
Beam me up Scotty. we are going to look some more today as the other home went to somebody else...or did it? Why do they ask for back up offers? If the person whose offer they took was so great why do you want back ups?
Maybe my view will change when I've seen so many properties that they all blur into one and I really start thinking like a Realtor and can even understand their language.
Maybe a 2 hour commute each way from nowhere won't be so bad.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Our puter crashed yesterday. I lost alot of data as my back up disk didn't have much on it.

I did find a couple of old pictures and thought I would share.

Try an guess how old they are.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Just an quick update. We won't know if our offer is accepted for a few more days. We changed the terms a bit to make it more attractive.
I believe we will know by Monday at the latest. I think this weekend will be used to start cleaning out the junk so we won't have to much when we do move.
Wish us Luck!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The hunt for a Home

We took the first step tonight of writing our first offer on a new house. It is a low offer but it is for a house that the bank owns. I am hoping that they see the value of getting money and not holding land.

The yard has lots of work so anyone wanting to come visit can help pull weeds and help trim back the vegetation.

My favorite spot might be the fireplace. I love the hard wood floors.

I like the 500 sq/ft family room. It will also be nice when everyone comes home. And they will come home. If we are lucky enough to get this home. It is in Yorba Linda close to the Placentia line.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well I'm begining to think this house hunting is harder than it appears. We went and looked at about 10 homes today. Their were only about 2 worth even considering.

Shayla and Kaylee came along and it was easy to see what wasn't good by looking at the expressions on their faces.

We also went up to Shayla's Graduation and I couldn't beleave it was snowed. We had a great time. I got to see my brother George and sister Lisa so it was a bonus trip.

I need to write a nasty complaining letter to the the Liberty Square aparment in Provo. They had cleaning checkout scheduled for 11am. They didn't come check until after 2pm. They failed everyone who wasn't present. They upset many parents who needed to leave to catch flights or travel. They said it wasn't their problem.

They also charge $30/hr to clean. Not a bad scam if I ever saw one. Kaylee got little sleep staying up tp pack and clean.

I hope we can send info soon on our search for a new home. There will be one that will be right for us.