Saturday, April 12, 2008

Thank you Shayla for fixing the pictures so I could use them!

So everybody knows this is what we looked like at 6.

Today we will continue our search for a new place to call home. It is exciting as well as disappointing. We need to stay in So. California and I need to keep my present job until we retire. That means we live in one of the most expencive places to buy a home. The average price in our area is still mid $500,000. That means a mortage of betwwen $3000 & 4000/mo. That is a little bit of a mind boggler. We want to be in our new place by June/July at the latest so we need to start putting on the pressure.

I hope that I will do much better a picking a house than I did the winner of March Madness.

I have finished cutting the lawn and now need to wash the car then it will be House Search 08.

Any comments or advice (lawfull as bank robbing is out) on making this work I am all ears.( no comments that I do look like Dumbo)