Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Hot Weekend

It was going to be hot this weekend and as you know we have no air conditioning. Since Kaylee was in a wedding party in San Diego we decided to go down a day early and enjoy the comfort of
a cooler place.
In the morning we looked at a couple of homes. One was fantastic and we have put in an offer. Since this isn't bank owned or foreclosed we should know soon.
After checking in we decided to see if San Diego had beaches that weren't cliffs (think Torey Pines). Or a beach that wasn't in the bay.

Shayla and Kaylee said they could taste the beach.
We found one called Ocean Beach. (pretty inventive name) It was great. Had a long pier, great sand and even a grass area.

The beach seemed to being missing something?

Of course the sunset was great. so just to remind everybody why we live we in So. Cal.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Wonders never cease

I know that blogging is new to a lot of us. I have tried to keep up but usually I only have time to read not write. Today is a bit different. Today is Father's Day.

I want to thank all my daughters for making this a possibility. Without you girls I wouldn't be a Father. I thank you for making that responsibility of being a father easy. I am grateful for all the opportunities that you have given me to grow and to change.

I haven't been the best in all situations. I have done the best I knew how. I have tried to do it with minimum yelling or "jump starting your brains". I am still learning patience.

I am always trilled when you girls tell me that I did something right. I have precious memories of our family home evenings 'Charades' and laughing so hard we couldn't say a prayer to end.

I love the woman that you all are. I know that it was more Mom than me but we have been a good combo.

Tamar, I am glad you chose to be first. Thanks for helping set the standard.

Karina, I glad you chose to be next. Thanks for being adventurous.

Shayla, I glad you made it next. Thanks for being the stabilizer.

Kaylee, I glad that you are the end. Thanks for reminding me of whats important.

I love you girls.

I'm glad for my dad and his strength. If I can be half as strong as him I will have done well.

HAPPY FATHER' DAY to ALL of the Fathers that read these Posts.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celtic game

Went and saw history made the other night at the Staples Center. Shayla and I went to the playoff game. Our seats were in the "nose bleed section". They were good view but high up.

We got there early and settled in. I didn't wear any green because... Well its LA and I didn't want to be thrown over from so high a perch.

Things didn't look good early as the Lakers scored early and often. I was very confident that they were going to win. They just looked like they wanted it more. They went down as much as 24 points and staged a tremendous come back.

It was like reliving my childhood in the sixties when the great Laker teams couldn't beat my beloved Celtics. Now if they could just win on Father's Day the world we be right again. I am sorry for all the people who don't live in places that sports aren't a passion.

Well we have more house hunting to do today so more later.

Oh they gave everyone who came in a Laker flag. I gave mine away. If they lost I would have run it over several times before giving it away.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tagged by Rina

OK , I don't think my answers will surprise anyone but here they are......

I was born in Arlington, Mass. this is winter sunset.

Favorite place to Vacation ..... Cape Cod, MA this is sunrise.
My favorite color is green.... As in the Green Monster or Celtic green
Dream Career would be Thor God of thunder.....not a fan of lightning
Guilty Pleasure....Chocolate
Favorite Hobby....... Sleeping anywhere
Favorite restaurant was very hard to decide but it would be Tommy's
Favorite Actress.........Julia Roberts unless she get to toothy

Favorite Actor....This was hard between James Stewart and Kirk Douglas

Favorite car never to own...BMW 760Li
Favorite Place to Shop........... anywhere this sign appears
Favorite Flower.....................Lilacs

This wasn't so hard and I don't tag anyone because they probably already have been but if Not and you are reading this then it's you!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I put some songs here on the blog. These are not necessarily favorites but they are songs that have great influence on me. These songs will change on a regular basis but you can listen or not and comment if you like.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!

June is a very busy month with Birthdays and Anniversaries. Linda had her birthday and we had fun. We missed not having everyone there but made up for it by eating enough for everyone. We went to Chilli's and despite Shayla and Kaylee not wanting to smile I was able to get a picture of them.

Linda enjoyed her day and loved her flowers. Shayla has threatened to use photoshop to alter pictures. She said that we should never posts pictures of her unless we are willing to pay the copyrights to her. I think she is just broke and needs the cash.

Well lots more happening this month and we are still looking for a home. We will keep you all updated.