Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our Hot Weekend

It was going to be hot this weekend and as you know we have no air conditioning. Since Kaylee was in a wedding party in San Diego we decided to go down a day early and enjoy the comfort of
a cooler place.
In the morning we looked at a couple of homes. One was fantastic and we have put in an offer. Since this isn't bank owned or foreclosed we should know soon.
After checking in we decided to see if San Diego had beaches that weren't cliffs (think Torey Pines). Or a beach that wasn't in the bay.

Shayla and Kaylee said they could taste the beach.
We found one called Ocean Beach. (pretty inventive name) It was great. Had a long pier, great sand and even a grass area.

The beach seemed to being missing something?

Of course the sunset was great. so just to remind everybody why we live we in So. Cal.


Karina & John said...

Thanks for the movie of the beach!! I can't wait until I get to enjoy! BTW, Kelsi is a little offended that she was forgotten and is thinking about visiting Cambodia instead of CA sometime this summer. OK, I don't really think she cared one way or the other, but her mom did. :( I see who the favorite grandkids are!

Rob & LInder said...

Klesi was not forgotten. The beach just doesn't know who she is yet. I promise that once she has met the beach and has seen all of its splender. The beach will love her and miss her the same as it does the other grandchildren. (BTW Blame you siblings as they were the scribe for the beach.)

Karina & John said...

oh, Dad. I love you, but just re-read what you write before you send it. :) Klesi? Who is that? haha!

Tamar and Trevor said...

As if I am not home sick enough!!! I need to get to the beach soon.