Saturday, June 14, 2008

Celtic game

Went and saw history made the other night at the Staples Center. Shayla and I went to the playoff game. Our seats were in the "nose bleed section". They were good view but high up.

We got there early and settled in. I didn't wear any green because... Well its LA and I didn't want to be thrown over from so high a perch.

Things didn't look good early as the Lakers scored early and often. I was very confident that they were going to win. They just looked like they wanted it more. They went down as much as 24 points and staged a tremendous come back.

It was like reliving my childhood in the sixties when the great Laker teams couldn't beat my beloved Celtics. Now if they could just win on Father's Day the world we be right again. I am sorry for all the people who don't live in places that sports aren't a passion.

Well we have more house hunting to do today so more later.

Oh they gave everyone who came in a Laker flag. I gave mine away. If they lost I would have run it over several times before giving it away.


Karina & John said...

whatever. I hope Shayla didn't give hers away. I like the Celtics because they are part of my "roots", but I know where my loyalty remains. Shayla should remember that she is a Los Angeles girl and 48 hours in Boston doesn't change that. :)

Porter Family said...

Bud and I were actually having a debate the night of the "greatest comeback ever" deciding who you were rooting for. He said you'd never give up your Boston roots, and I said, "Bud, all his kids are Laker fans, and they all worship Kobe beef." Now, at last, the mystery is solved. We were both right.

Shayla said...

I kept mine Karine, don't worry. I know where my roots are. It was a fun game though although we ended up losing. We did win tonight, so we will have to see what happens in Boston.
Heather- He is a Lakers fan, he just gets confused sometimes when they play the Celtics.

Tamar and Trevor said...

I too get confussed when the Lakers play the Celtics. It must be the shirt that I use to have as a little kid that had Bird, Parish, Ainge and the rest of the great Celtic players of the day. I just think that it is fun to watch the two teams play again and actually have it be enjoyable to watch.

John said...

Karina bought me a celtics shirt for Father's day. What a great game 6. The Celtics could do no wrong and the Lakers were lost from the start to the finish. I'm glad to see that smirk on the over-rated Lakers coach, phil jackson, melt away. Happy Fathers day!