Friday, October 3, 2008

I realised that I haven't been putting this together much. As I said before so much has happened in my life lately that I thought I would give you a brief catching up.

We moved to our new digs in the comfortable area of La Habra. Packing up was terrible and people that move often either are much more patient than I (I know I know everyone has more patience than me) or they can live with much less than I do.

We had a yard sale and got rid of some things. GOT the truck and MOVED
Shayla was a big help before and after
We got some new stuff


Didn't keep any of them. Then went to see the East coast princesses for a brief visit.

And when I have more time I will post more of the lil miracle Kyle


Porter Family said...

You guys have had a busy few weeks. Did you french braid Abby's hair?? If so, I am now in complete awe. I love your new house! I'm so excited for you guys to be there now with a fantastic kitchen!

Riley, Lindsay & Ava said...

I think that house is a perfect fit...Have you seen those kitchen cabinets? They are so high up I would need a step stool...but you Manderinos and your ability to reach high places will really come in handy...Perfect fit! It is really a beautiful home and awesome couch!

Marilyn & Steve said...

Well, you've done well, Manderinos! You deserve the best! Have fun in your new place. Hopefully it will be full of little grand children for Christmas!