Saturday, July 19, 2008


Went to the Red Sox vs. Angels game last night. Friday nights are always the game followed by fireworks. Our seats were awesome as we were behind the Red Sox Dugout six rows from the field.

The game had alot of fireworks of its own we lots of homeruns. The Angels won but it was fun to be there. We saw Manny being Manny when he dived for a bloop hit and missed. Then got up and fell and rolled over the ball. What should have been an out or even a single turned into a tripple. Thanks for the smile Manny.

The fireworks display was good and I recorded some of it. If you watch the video it is a bit loud and nothing like seeing it in person.

I gave tickets to my brother Paul and his family as well but Didn't remember where they were sitting so didn't see them during the game. Pauls phone was in the car charging so I hope he had a good time as well.

If anyone come to visit and wants tickets to Angels or Dodgers let me know I might be able to pass some on.


Karina & John said...

Someone should have taken that pic for you guys so Kays could be in the pic.

Shayla said...

Thats what I thought, but she didn't want to be in any pictures.