Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day

My Dad has been out of this life for awhile yet every Father's Day brings back memories. This year is no different. I have 3 of my grandchildren living with us. It is great to see how they interact with their dad as well as the love they share with me.
I remember my dad and his love to my mom and siblings. Dad was a very hard worker. I have kept some of the tools he had in our basement and I remember how he taught me how to use them.
My dad never made a lot of money. As a police officer he did his best to teach us to stand up for what was right. He used to give us hair cuts down in our basement. I don’t remember ever paying for haircuts until I was in junior high. Even then it was from somebody dad knew from his police beat.
My dad could talk to anyone. He always made me feel safe as he always knew what to do. Even when he had no clue he would be so positive that you thought he did know.
I will never forget his example to family as he came to my games and other events.
He has set the bar very high for me to follow. He had faults as we all do. He has been a hero to me my whole life.
This Father Day and always I love him


Marilyn & Steve said...

Nice tribute. Thanks for the reminder to think of our departed dads - mine was great too. He was from that 'hard worker' generation. We need more people like that.
And thanks for the pictures of the kids. They've gotten so big it's unbelievable! Thanks for the update - and keep having F-U-N!!!
I got to see little Kelsey for a little while today at Darbye's shower. She's getting big, too!

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I miss him too Dad!