Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The invasion of the family has begun. Tamar arrived with her family late on Saturday night. Karina and Kelsi come in today and Kaylee will arrive on the 8Th of August.
Today is Kaylee's birthday and we are all sad that she isn't with us to celebrate. She will be home soon and we will celebrate then!
Yesterday we made a trek to the beach. Kyle took to the sand and water like a pro. If you didn't know his story you would never know he had such a tough start. He is really a site to behold.
We are so much enjoying the visit. More to come later!


jon and kir said...

(this is Heather, by the way)

I am really jealous!!! I love your family and am so glad you all are having a fantastic time with everyone!! Kyle looks so stinking cute.

Rob &Linder said...

You are always welcome at out home. I know Disney would liove the income they could draw from you. Sorry you'll have to survive with only Trev at the wedding but we aren't letting the rest out of our site for fear of losing them again.

Marilyn & Steve said...