Saturday, February 7, 2009

I have been thinking a lot how things have change. Mostly for the better but not always. I am glad for Ipods and cell phones but I also realize how I miss some things and as hard in my mind eye that I try to recall them they just aren't the same. Some things such as fashion I am glad does change. (watched a TV show and I am glad that shoulder pads have left from fashion and have remained on the football field where they belong).
I told some one the other day that I love my wife and she is my "E" ticket. I quickly realized that they had no Idea what an "E" ticket was. They were for the best ride at Disneyland. I happen to have some of these old booklets that would get you into the rides at Disneyland. It is funny to see how things change.
Adult admission was once $4.50, $4.00 for 12-17 and just $3.50 for those 3-11.
People at the end of the day when they new they weren't returning to the park would give there remaining tickets away. Those from the area collected them for there next visit. It was hard to ever find "e" tickets in these books as they were the more popular rides and attractions.
Here what I remember to be the order or value of tickets.
"A" ride on Main Street vehicles or on the King Arthur carrousel
"B" Main St. Cinema Fanatsyland's Alice in Wonderland ride or Casey Jr. Circus Train or the Swiss Family Tree House ( now Tarzan)
"C" tickets got you on Tomorrowland's Adventure through Inner Space or Autopia, Fantasyland's Dumbo' Flying Elephants, Mad Tea Party, Mr Toad wild ride, Peter Pan's Flight, And Snow White's Adventures(which they told you was Scary) or Frontierland's Shooting Gallery.
"D" was Main St. SF & D RR Trains through Grand Canyon and Primeval world ( Now Big Thunder Mountain) Tomorrowland's Flight to the Moon, Skyway to Tomorrowland, Storybook land canal boats and Frontierland's Sailing Ship Columbia, Mark Twains Steamboat, Tom Sawyer Island rafts which closed at dusk. Mine train thru Nature's Wonderland
"E" ticket got you rides on Tomorrowland's America sings, Monorail to to the Hotel and return,
Submarine Voyage(now Finding Nemo) Fantasyland's It's a Small World, Matterhorn Bobsleds,
Bear Country Jamboree, Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Enchanted Tiki Room and the Jungle Cruise.
These also dollar values as well A & B were worth $.25 C was $.35 D was $.60 and E was $.95. They changed this I think in the Mid 70's were you had to buy full packs tickets.
Many of the rides are gone and good riddance some have evolved and many are new.
So you all know we don't live far from Disney or Knotts. If you are coming and want to drop by let us know if you don't mind the couches or floor. Since we only have one open room at present.
Enjoy the days that you live in as these are the days we are all given. Life happens so enjoy all of it.

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