Sunday, December 14, 2008


This is the time of year that everyone seems to do baking. Shayla and Linder decided that is was very dry in the Los Angeles basin. (This was before our latest rain storm) They had been complaining of how dry their faces were getting. They decided to give themselves facials.
I had to run some errands and when I came home this is what I found.

I think it will be hard to to eat oatmeal cookies again! When I took pictures and said I would post them they didn't complain so I decided that since my daughters who told me I needed to blog, don't do much of late, I hope this will entice them to send us more blogs so that Linder and Shayla won't have so much free time to do these little episodes.


lisa said...

You girls look lovely! Looks like fun.

Rachel said...

So that's how you all have such great skin. Shayla, where's your shower cap?

Tamar and Trevor said...

Wish I could have participated! My face could use some help.