Thursday, August 21, 2008


We are really moving. We will have a new phone # which means I need to remember more numbers.
I forgot how many things one keeps over the years. We have really purged the house that we are leaving and hope that we are not transferring any clutter.
Things are coming together as Linder and I seam to be fraying at our ends. Whoever scheduled things didn't look at the calendar very well. We will move this weekend then leave for Utah to take Kaylee back to the "Y". This doesn't leave much beach time. Its a good thing that it stays warm enough to go in September.
I want to send a big THANK YOU to Shayla and Kaylee. They have done a lot of the work getting things ready. Kaylee will only get to spend a night or two before leaving. It has been a long hot summer. I will be glad when I can just sit down and enjoy the new house.


Barbour said...

can't wait for more pics of the new house. congrats

Porter Family said...

Hello...need a house update! Plus, since you're with Kyle right now, a big poppi/lil guido picture might be nice. Just a hint. Love ya!