Thursday, May 15, 2008

The hunt for a Home

We took the first step tonight of writing our first offer on a new house. It is a low offer but it is for a house that the bank owns. I am hoping that they see the value of getting money and not holding land.

The yard has lots of work so anyone wanting to come visit can help pull weeds and help trim back the vegetation.

My favorite spot might be the fireplace. I love the hard wood floors.

I like the 500 sq/ft family room. It will also be nice when everyone comes home. And they will come home. If we are lucky enough to get this home. It is in Yorba Linda close to the Placentia line.

Wish us luck!


Tamar and Trevor said...

Good luck with the offer! That hill could be a great place for a garden. Keep us updated!

Karina & John said...

I need more pics!

Barbour said...

Looks great, The yard has potential and I totally agree with tamar on the garden. Hope you are able to get it.

Rob & LInder said...

I guess we could garden like Ecuador and grow on hill but it is quite an incline.

Porter Family said...

Hey, I'd even come out there and help with the yard if you got that place! I love the floors! Good luck.