Saturday, February 23, 2008

First attempt

I really am going to try this blogging. I see my daughter Karina has already linked me on hers and if she did this in to shaming me for not having much on the site then it worked.

I was going to make several attempts at it and then when I got it right I would unleash my blog. I haven't even started when the complaints started to arrive.

  1. Why not have a better name? ManderinoClan sounds like a lost Scottish group

  2. How come Linder isn't better represented?

  3. Why is there only a picture of you looking out over the pacific?

  4. Why don't you have better graphics?

And the list went on. Everyone who knows me knows I am a World class procrastinator. I know I should have spent more time awake in high school typing class but after all who back then thought I would ever need to type for myself.

Things that I have learned so far about blogs...

  1. My daughters are way better than I at this.

  2. Bellyaching don't get it done.

  3. I love being able to see pictures of my granddaughters almost every week.

  4. If I do this as much as I write in my journal then it won't amount to much.

  5. If ya don't have a current picture you can always post one they might have not seen before.

Well first attempt they say is the hardest. Hopefully with the great things ahead in my life it won't be my last.


John said...

Way to go Dad! Welcome to the world of blogging. You need to just start carrying your camera with you and take pictures to keep us updated (like when you find cool houses). We love you!

Tamar and Trevor said...

Yeah! You are right I have not seen that picture before. What a cute couple. I am looking forward to great things from you!

Barbour said...

I will at to the comments. Maybe you can get my dad out of his sports head and do it too. Good luck house hunting. I hope you guys find something. The prices are so good.

Porter Family said...

I will venture to ask what none of your kiss up son-in-laws will ask. What on earth is wrapped around your head??? I am so glad you are blogging. You may even find that you write in this thing more than your journal and thus, kill two birds with one stone. We sure miss ya! Good luck with house hunting. What a deal on all those California prices, eh?

Rob said...

Ok I would like to say that the ribbons are are something so secretive that I just can't tell reality when we un wrap gifts we put the ribbions and bow on on heads.