Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Not a slaker

Just so you don't think that I am taking this home ownership lightly I thought I would send you a picture of what I have been doing.
The decks in the back were faded and had no zip. It has been on the to do list for awhile now that the weather is nice. I decided to do it right I should sand them down before staining and protecting the wood.
I have fished that and if everything goes well I will will stain them this weekend. I know this isn't impressive or even very interesting but I didn't want my tax rant to a post that was up long.
So here are the sanding pictures as I haven't took any other pictures for awhile.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Rant on taxes

As most everyone who has been near a radio or TV has heard of the hard economics that this country is experiencing. TEA parties (taxed enough already) has sprung up and many are saying enough. In the wonderful state of California on state leaders after kicking us in the teeth with additional taxes and fees, have decided that the need to pile on to it.

They are holding a special election on the 19Th of May to try to raise more taxes. I have said before and hope that everyone understands that we must not feed the beast anymore. Government in California knows no bounds and seem to think that we can still fund every program and desire that the legislators want.

Those that know me know I am a registered Democrat. I believe that government should serve the people not business. That I have believed that both parties in the country have served their own interests above the people who have elected them. I am not an Obama hater nor do I think Bush was evil incarnate. I just wish that people would unite in opposition to things that are just not in the best interest of our country.

I understand the need for taxes. without them the greater good of community and nation would suffer. I am just tired that officials that seem to think that they have an unlimited supply.
As in the famous words of one elected official "it only paper". They seem to miss the point completely.
For those with short memories the LA time had a good article that deserves a second look. here is what the state has done in just the last 5 years. http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-oe-matsusaka17-2008jul17,0,7957570.story This was last summer when the state was trying to find a budget. Arnold who was voted in to stop the taxing madness, has himself become so in entangled in this mess that he is spending millions of republican money to raise taxes!
If one more person tells me it for the schools or the children I my just upchuck. This state will get almost 31 Billion in bailout monies yet will still be in the hole. 27 of that billion will go to social programs. It won't build schools we have borrowed (bonds) for that.
PLEASE if you live in California vote "NO" on all these measures. Enough is enough. Stop sending jobs to other states (sorry Steve no Idaho exceptions) Cut the state spending before raising taxes.
Teachers scream they are being cut. Not even close to true. When you continue getting increases even when revenues decrease and your job performance falls, why should you be rewarded. It is almost next to impossible to fire a bad teacher. In five years less then 40 teachers have been fired state wide.
Instead of trying to work out something that may help the children The union is spending millions of dollars to convince the voting public that raising taxes another 16billion dollars is in our best interest, setting a "rainy day fund" that would give their union 9.3 billion dollars .
Every Californian needs to just say "NO" to this. Vote NO on every measure this election. Tell those in power that they can't have any more money find another way to make do.
It feels good to rant. at least it doesn't ask for any more money.